Our product portfolio is present in all of the key outlets in Jordan as well as in most middle retail channels. INIMEX directly sells to more than 2000 outlets in Jordan and covers the larger market through sub-wholesalers.

INIMEX has had the benefit of seeing Jordan's retail sector expand and change over the years. This has given the company an excellent edge in keeping pace with the latest developments in the market.

To service our brands in the best possible manner, INIMEX has implemented a strategy of qualitative growth. This allows us to ensure optimal concentration for each unique brand in our portfolio.

INIMEX is organizationally structured to maximize market reach and ensure effective product distribution, while maintaining our strength and competitive edge in the local market.

The long solid relationships that INIMEX has cultivated in the retail market over 40 year have helped us build, sustain and expand reach for our brands.

Exposure Activities

To maximize the exposure of brands in its portfolio, INIMEX employs the following methods:

  • In-store Promos
  • Local Manipulation
  • Special Display
  • Branding
  • Sampling
  • Adverts