INIMEX has five sales divisions:

  • i) Pharmacy Division
  • ii) Supermarket Division
  • iii) Professional Line Division
  • iv) Tenders Division
  • v) Cash Van Division

Modeling the INIMEX management structure on the segmentation of the Jordanian market has ensured that the best possible service is delivered—pre-sale and after sale.

Each division is built around a core product category and is managed by its own sales team. Our organization is constantly developing to meet the changing demands and special needs of its clients.

Pharmacy Division

The Pharmacy division is the oldest division at INIMEX, serving Jordan's pharmacy sector, perfumeries and beauty parlors. This division has managed to establish excellent distribution channels within Jordan's pharmacy sector for non-pharmaceutical products.

This is a specialized market that requires extensive experience and customer knowledge. Our products are distributed according to the specific requirements of the different areas in Jordan, which range from affluent to middle and lower income groups.

Supermarket Division

TThe Supermarket division is the fastest growing division of INIMEX, addressing one of Jordan’s fastest expanding retail categories. This division serves a large segment of store networks, which includes supermarket chains, independent supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience shops.

Professional Line Division

The Professional Line division is the latest addition within INIMEX. It was created in 2005 to service Jordan's fast-growing hospitality sector.

INIMEX is sole agent in Jordan to Kimberley Clarke, which owns some of the worlds best known hygiene brands. With Kimberly Clarke’s hygiene product line (paper, soap and air fresheners) INIMEX has managed to successfully penetrate the hospitality and medical sectors, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, hospitals, clinics and others.

Many of this division’s clients rank among Jordan’s top hotel chains and restaurants.

Tenders Division

INIMEX has also developed a special division that caters to the needs of the military and civil consumer establishments in Jordan. These establishments constitute a large market segment in Jordan and continue to enjoy robust growth.

The establishments run supermarkets, managed by the government, targeting the large consumer segment of civil and military workforce and their families. These outlets offer all mainstream products sold at regular supermarkets, but at lower prices. As distributors, we bid for supply tenders on an annual basis, for monthly deliveries.

A critical factor in these supply contracts is punctuality in delivery, and INIMEX has established an excellent supplier reputation in this retail segment.

Cash Vans Division

To strengthen our distribution and penetration in the market we are focusing on growing our cash van business.